Hugo l’ Originale

For several decades, it has been a tradition in the northern Italian province of Alto Adige to produce a syrup from elderflowers and mix it as an aperitif with sparkling wine.

This resulting drink was called “Hugo”. The sparkling wine and elderflower meets fresh mashed mint, served on ice with a few fresh mint leaves. Zadi developed a ready-to-pour mix of “Hugo” from the original recipe forgoing any artificial additives.

Only 100% natural extracts from the elderflower and mint leaves is used to produce the “Hugo l’originale”.

dodo l’originale

A sirup, mixed by Edoardo Ferraris, also known as dodo, with mandarin, ginger, basil and chili inspired zadi so much that it decided to launch it as zadi 2.0 in 2017.

In time for the summer 2018 Zadi produced also the ready to pour mix of dodo, of course like expected by zadi with natural ingredients only and with sparkling wine!

Refreshing, fruity, sexy, spicy and natural, is the way how Edoardo describe the dodo to his guests in Italy.

Dodo Syrup

Dodo Syrup is a premium cordial, wich Zadi created in 2017. The main ingredients are tangerine (mandarin), ginger, basil and chili. We recommend to mix the original ZADI cocktails with it.

Gran Cuvée Spumante ZADI

For our Spumante Gran Cuvée, only the finest grapes, grown in the sunny region of Veneto, are being processed into wine. After that, the Metodo Charmat is used to transform this wine into a Spumante Extra Dry with a strong and persistent Perlage.

Depenting on the year and vintage, we use different types of Grapes, mostly Glera, Verduzzo, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio. The Spumante Gran Cuvée smells of citrus fruits, pears and apples, and has a very balanced taste.

A perfect match for finger food, light mediterranean meals or as an Aperitif drink.

Even as Take-Away